Best Celebrity Sex Pics and Porn GIFS Images

Smartphone, tablets and computers have forever changed the way we take pictures, record videos and socialize with others. It has also changed the way we view pornography or any adult related content. Having your own cellular phone, provides the user total independence as far as what to view, share, photograph or record. The same concept applies to celebrities as more of them are taking to photographing themselves nudes. There are also many celebs who record themselves having sex or are recorded by others.

The end result has been an explosion of sex pics, porn GIFS and celebrity sex tapes on the internet. When you add the hacking factor, the amount of celebrity sex pics and porn GIFS increases. That’s because a large amount of famous celebs have been victims of hackers. They have had their private accounts breached and their sex pics or nude images leaked on the internet. If that wasn’t enough, you also have a person’s ability to easily create an animated porn GIF image out of any celebrity sex pics or sex tapes. They can just as well make a gif or porn using a clip from a mainstream film where the celeb once had a sex scene or appeared nude.

So what are the best celebrity sex pics and porn GIFS images out there for people to enjoy? Check out some of the top porn GIFS and sex pics belonging to celebrities below.

When it comes to celebrity sex tapes, you have to begin with the person who started the trend. Paris Hilton’s career took off after her infamous sex tape was leaked on the internet. Before that, she was just the daughter of a billionaire and a pretty blonde. However, once porn GIFS, sex pics and videos of Paris began to spread on the web, she became an instant celebrity. Even though it’s been a while, her porn GIFS and sex tape are still worth checking out.

Cristina Aguilera had her private account hacked and many of her private sex pics were made public. This led to some hot celebrity porn GIFS of Cristina. The beautiful and hot Jessica Alba has always been a fan favorite when it comes to porn GIFS images and sex pics. But there was never really any great material for people to see. That all changed when her account was hacked. You can see some of the sex pics of Jessica Alba floating online now.

One of the hottest and greatest porn GIFS images created from the sex pics of a celebrity belong to actress Vanessa Hudgens. In these animated GIFS of porn, you can see Vanessa’s amazing pair of tits. Plus, some of the sex pics now turned to porn gifs show her shaved pussy. The sex pics and porn GIFS images of Vanessa Hudgens are worth watching over and over again.

Fans of the gorgeous Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson waited for years to see her nude. They finally got their chance when hackers got a hold of her private sex pics. These were made public and users created some amazing porn GIFS of Scarlett. Although she may not be considered a real celebrity, Vida Guerra has been around for a while. She has a great ass, hot body and beautiful face. You can find several porn GIFS of Vida that came from her sex pics. These were the result of her account being hacked. Fans can even see sex pics of Vida Guerra showing her trimmed pussy.

Some celebrity porn GIFS or sex pictures can be found from mainstream films too. If you like Angelina Jolie, then there are several animated GIFS of porn showing the beautiful actress nude and having sex. The same goes for the hot and sexy actress Halle Barry. She provides some amazing porn GIFS from the movie Monster’s Ball.

Ex Playboy model and reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson has a few porn GIF images users can enjoy. The hot and sexy blond star has several sex tapes on the web as well. The R& sultry singer Rihanna has some of her private sex pics leaked. It led to some hot porn GIFS of her. Salma Hayek and Rosario Dawson are two hot Latinas actresses. If you like them, there are some nice sex pics and animated gifs of porn of both you should take a look at.

Other celebrities who have some sexy porn GIFS and sex pics are Jennifer Connelly, Kim Kardashian, Emilia Clarke, Nicole Kidman and Amanda Seyfried.